Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Assalamualaikum w.b.t all readers.

Another few days for my lil caliph MSZ to start his first solid food. wuhuu! Excited jugak! Puree Puree, here we come.. :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's been a long time..


It's been 6months since my last post, looking back feel kinda regret because not so much story about him during NICU time. Gosh, hope still can recap those memory so that i can tell him how strong he was!

Now my lil caliph already 8months (c.a 5m), moving to 9month , c.a 6m.'s time to start on solid food! as advised by our Paed's doctor. Yeah! Not a happy Yeah tho. Having history of stoma before, honestly i'm quite / very scared. Will he able to digest? Will he having any allergic? Will he this, will he that. Too many to think. 

But, different with my husband, he's so eager to wean him. Well, we did gave him food tasting few times these few weeks, grape or apple. And seems that he's love it much! Again, i still stick for his corrected age. So, wait till 4th July k honey. :)

With solid meals right around the corner, guess it's time for me to start preparing all the things needed (owh shopping time :p) ,  also i need to read lot's of stuff about weaning premature baby. Precautions better than cure rite. 

Wish us luck peeps!

Owh ya, update on his development.
-- Drink 4-5 oz / bottle x 6 times per day
-- Able to play around with others (laughing , so cute!)
-- Baby talk aaa,baaaa, gagag
-- Rolling over