Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New routine in my life


Alhamdulillah, its been 18th day since he's become part of my life, our life.

Since that, most everything was changed. Guess, that happened to everyone rite? Gosh, tak sangka dah jadi Umi. Still trying to adapt with this new life. Having a premature baby, especially your 1st really change and teach me a lot! Kesabaran salah satu nya, and Alhamdulillah i'm able to cope with my new routine now.

Basic routine
Pump every 2-3 hours (sometimes up to 5hours - overslept :p)
Going to hospital, visit Zakwan around 3pm. Going back around 5.30. Spend at least 1 hour with him.
Bertungku before and after mandi. (Pagi n malam)
Hot water bath (best!)

Honestly, it's tiring tho..but once i see my precious, it's all faded away.

Arini tak melawat dia, huhu. take one day rest, need energy untuk teruskan melawat die. Arap2 die membesar dgn sihat. Umi rindu Zakwan, dan umi tau Zakwan anak yg kuat. Be strong my son, semoga membesar dgn cepat, semoga kuat melawan kuman2 dalam badan ye. We love you much!!

Update weight as at Day15: 913g ( as at timbang 16/10/2011 malam)

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